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Toreion changes the way programmers build business applications. Toreion redefines two enterprise software development paradigms:

  1. Moving programming from a syntax [code-based] environment to assembling computer programs in an entirely visual [graphical] design environment.
    1. Workflow designers for laying out application logic
    2. Data modeling tools for staging and indexing data in remote systems
    3. View designer for user interface and data presentation
  2. Deliver programming tools in a 100% Web-centric, distributed software deployment environment.
    1. Applications are available from any Internet connected device
    2. Distributed software reduces client side support requirements
    3. Rapid execution and deployment of complex, enterprise-level applications
Toreion provides an all-in-one [data, logic and messaging] web-centric application framework that delivers a unified development environment to overcome traditional software design and development barriers such as:

  • Gap between business requirements gathering and program development resources,
  • Software change control,
  • Deployment management, and
  • System maintenance and monitoring.
Toreion’s application framework decouples business process design from the technical implementation [software code generation]. By decoupling these two components, an end-user has the ability to represent a business process by visually assembling the necessary logic, data flow pathways and functional modules; while at the same time the framework is building the program using a common declarative language. Applications are no longer programmed using cumbersome syntax, but are now visually assembled in Workflow Designs that are interpreted and executed by the Toreion Workflow Engine at run-time.

The practical business benefits of Toreion’ s approach include:

  1. Rapid application deployment - base programming conventions are built into the framework so that applications are assembled into functional workflows, executed at runtime.
  2. More collaboration between business process owners and technical design team improves downstream adoption - prototype, test, implement.
  3. Scaleable deployment is possible since logic and data components are isolated allowing multiple resources to collaborate in development.
  4. True distributed web-centric SOA-Service Oriented Architecture software model improves deployment management, system maintenance and client access [no software to install]


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