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closing the gap between IT vision and IT results

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Software as a Service
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Software as a Service is an emerging strategy for deploying enterprise application software via the Internet versus previously distributed, local network-based applications [client-server]. For many business applications this includes extending core functionality of the software, sharing data in non-native formats, as well as, developing a browser-based interface for remote access to enterprise software.

With this in mind, Toreion set out to change the way IT professionals and business owners approached the development of their business systems and applications.

The result is a new software programming paradigm using one of the world's first entreprise-level graphical programming language (4GL) - one that wraps technology around your business rather than wrapping your business around the technology.

Reduce the application development cycle by 70 percent!

Toreion provides Software on Demand for your business information network - solving the problems that lie at the edges of your IT infrastructure.

  1. Web-enabling your Enterprise Resource and Planning [ERP] systems
  2. Extending the functionality of your ERP systems
  3. Integrating legacy data from multiple systems and data stores into a centralized view of enterprise information
Toreion’s new programming paradigm for building web-centric applications closes the gap between IT overhead and IT value. The goal of “one super system” running your business may never be realized so you are forced to share information across many internal systems; as well as, share fragments of information with your external partners. Toreion helps business overcome the gap between IT vision [expectations] and IT results [reality] by providing a central interface to information in many different systems while also providing a secure gateway for the transmission of data between systems.


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