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PartnerConnects - integrate EDI, XML Transactions

PartnerConnects is a web-service integration framework that enables companies to exchange transactional documents with their trading partners. PartnerConnects interleaves widely implemented EDI document exchange with newer web-service integration protocols [XML, cXML, ebXML] in a single Commerce-enabled Trading Network. By leveraging the Internet, PartnerConnects lets buyers and sellers streamline data and file exchange - helping sellers open new markets and manage transactions more efficiently while at the same time letting buyers better contain their total procurement costs through transaction automation and visibility.

PartnerConnects is a globally accessible marketplace that brings trading partners together in a dynamic, collaborative trading network designed to drive costs from transaction interchange. The ability for enterprises to securely and efficiently transmit, translate and transact business data with trading partners - customers and vendors - is the key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Commerce-enabled networks use the Internet to tie together systems and business processes across company boundaries in order to facilitate data and document exchange.

  • PartnerConnects software lets enterprises conduct transactions with other businesses by enabling EDI and XML Web Services to securely exchange electronic documents and data.
  • PartnerConnects is an enterprise application integration (EAI) framework for mapping system-to-system data interchange across company boundaries without the need for complex programming.
  • PartnerConnect provides partner profile management to help companies efficiently get partners onboard their commerce-enabled networks by using industry standard EDI or XML protocols as well as custom file exchange definitions.
  • PartnerConnects provides visibility into transactions as they occur on the network; helping systems and people troubleshoot and deal with exceptions in real-time while improving the volume of transactions exchanged with business partners.
PartnerConnects - a marketplace for enabling peer-to-peer transactions

Feature   Benefit
Native support for XML SOAP data exchange   Rapidly define and map supported transmision protocols of your trading partners to increase the volume of transactions being optimized.
Visual mapping environment for document parsing and translation.   Rapidly conform to new document exchange requirements of your trading partners.
Message delivery via a wide range of transport mechanisms - AS2, FTP, HTTP/S   Begin exchanging documents with trading partners in minutes not days, across a network that is free of transaction costs.
Get onboard Ariba and Oracle Exchange Procurement marketplaces   Quickly respond to onboarding requirements of your customers making it easier to do business with your company.
Multi-layered framework for system interchange   Abstracts out complex Web-based services or EDI protocols into a non-technical, business process based workflow.
Full transaction audit for compliance based reporting   Each transaction - request and response - is tracked to ensure the integrity of the transaction, system performance monitoring, as well as identifying costs savings opportunities.

FreeTrade Commerce Server - Commerce-enable your trading networks

FreeTrade Commerce Serveris a solution for companies that need to integrate their Internet sales channel with trading partner procurement systems through a multi-tenanted e-commerce solution. Three keys to program success are:

  1. Personalized procurement portals for your customer - customer specified products, price and item attributes.
  2. Integrated transaction management based on customer defined protocols - XML, cXML, ebXML, EDI.
  3. Visibility into spend activity across decentralized purchasing environments - consolidate activity into controlled workflow, eliminate maverick spend and spend analysis by location, buyer, product group, etc.
FreeTrade Commerce Server supports a multi-tenanted [multi-customer, multi-language, multi-currency] architecture that facilitates the rapid deployment of integrated e-commerce solutions. FreeTrade Commerce Server is a total e-commerce solution for managing product attributes, customer permissions, pricing and order routing as well as, supporting common Punch-out and Transparent Punch-out protocols. The server orchestrates data communication messaging - payload definition and transmission pathways - to optimize supply chain performance.
  • Personalize e-commerce experience for your customers
  • Manage product attributes, documents and pricing information
  • Makes spend activity visible for improving procurement process controls

FreeTrade Commerce Server - a framework for peer-to-peer commerce

Feature   Benefit
Personalized Online Catalogs   Help customers control spend [who buys what products] and eliminate maverick purchasing.
Integrated Order Management   Route orders / synchronize data exchange between business partners, buying locations or disconnected systems.
  • Conform to cXML data standards for Ariba Punch-out catalog implementations.
  • Conform to XML protocols for Oracle Exchange Punch-out catalog implementations.
Integrated Product Management   Supports customer specific pricing, product numbers and product attribute definition; as well as, multiple languages and currencies.
User Management   Secure access. Controls who sees what pricing as well as track activity by buyer.
Spend Analysis   Mine business intelligence from customer transactional data to help business partners reduce supply chain costs.

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