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The Toreion Designer Studio is a web-based IDE that enables the creation of net native software applications. The Designer Studio is a non-programmatic GUI for designing each of the components of an application - data model, logic and user interface. This visual interface allows a non-programmer to rapidly assemble workflows and view designs without the need to understand complex programming concepts or languages.

The Toreion Designer Studio is an all-in-one web-centric application framework that overcomes traditional software design and programming barriers (i.e. change control, the development cycle, deployment, and operation). Within the Designer Studio all aspects of a software application - views, logic and data pathways - are represented in a graphical interface.

Toreion’s Designer Studio decouples business process design from the technical implementation or programming syntax. By decoupling these two components, an end-user has the ability to represent a business process by visually assembling the necessary logic, data flow and functional modules within an application workflow; while at the same time the framework is building the program using a common declarative language.

The Toreion Designer Studio aims to alleviate the programming overhead associated with common Web application development - creating code, optimizing performance, incorporating complex concepts such as asynchronous processing or multi-threading as well as debugging. Toreion delivers a standardized methodology for developing web applications. Thus building enterprise applications involves assembling workflow modules into apps without writing the code syntax; the Toreion framework generates the code syntax as you assemble the application workflows. The end result is rapid development with streamlined testing and revision cycles.

Features + Benefits of a Framework based technology

Feature   Benefit
Visual, workflow based programming   Toreion’s Web application framework facilitates rapid application development by allowing the programmer to define a high-level description of the program in a graphical workflow environment.
A practical approach to programming - syntax free, no language based programming   Requires less technical resources to compile complex enterprise applications. Removing code syntax reduces the number of errors in a program, Framework enforces common programming methodologies across teams of developers.
Decouples programming methods [syntax] from business process definition, database and user interface designs.   Allows business process owners to be more involved in defining application functionality; minimal development skill sets needed for application assembly - database, user interface, application core, network
Abstracts out complex programming methodologies [eg. Asynchronous processing, file system management or web requests are handled through workflow modules] into re-useable modules.   Reduces the cost of enterprise application development by putting powerful programming tools in the hands of less experienced software developers.
Use of a visual environment to represent code syntax, program workflows + data pathways   Rapid development of web based applications; improves time to market for software applications; uses non-programming resources to visually assemble applications.
Create “black box” server that executes the transformation of inbound data to outbound requirements at run-time.   Enables rapid integration between native ERP data formats for data exchange.
Web services   Leverage global standards like XML and Internet to facilitate exchange of data between two disparate systems or data stores
Web-centric application includes event system concepts; publish & subscription use distributed methodologies   Replaces traditional client server applications with a true distributed Software as a Service [SaaS] model using the web-browser client and the Internet
Multi-layered framework   Designed to build and run complex Web-based services or extend on-premise enterprise software functionality to a web facing user interface.

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