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About Toreion
Information powers your business; Toreion powers your information.

Toreion overcomes the biggest technical barrier to enterprise performance - integration of disparate business systems, data and information. Toreion’s Application Framework exposes functional building blocks to external services using standard Internet protocols that are independent from host operating systems or programming languages. These web services can extend application functionality or wrap around existing legacy systems to expose them online.

  • Interoperability between different systems and programming environments.
    • Provides a communication protocol between heterogeneous systems.
    • Provides a transmission mechanism across disconnected networks.
  • Orchestrate disparate data exchange across enterprise systems without programming. Access ERP data or call ERP functions from remote web service through an exposed Application Programming Interface [API] - all over HTTP.
    • Enables rapid mapping of business processes to technology solutions through visual application assembly environment.
    • Exposes data within legacy systems; as well as, provides a web interface to ERP system data.
    • Automates routine tasks or processes.
    • Eliminates manual data processes that cause errors and delays in processing.
  • Real-time data exchange and intelligence capture is a catalyst for performance improvement. Uses standard HTTP web service protocols to manage asynchronous message-queuing streams, real-time events, logic triggers or data exchange payloads between the browser or other subscribed services and the host application server.
    • Run-time, rules based triggers identify problems or exceptions and speeding up resolution.
    • Real-time visibility into business performance from run-time audits exposed through dashboards or reports.
Toreion software solutions help companies drive performance through improved information exchange. As a Next Generation Programming Language, Toreion delivers a new paradigm in software development removing software syntax from the programming environment. Toreion changes the way IT professionals deliver enterprise-level business applications making software development more predictable [lower risk], cost effective [fewer resources] and easier to deploy [faster payback].

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