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To see a full suite of Net Native applications developed on the Toreion framework to address enterprise requirements for Supply Chain + Procurement Management, Content Management, Document Management and Business Process Management click here.
Designer Studio

  • View Designer - builds application views - the user interface to the application - in a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Workflow Designer - assembles program logic modules and data pathways in a visual workflow layout environment.
  • Data Transformation Designer - creates data transformation rules that are executed on data as it passes through the workflow.
  • Data Designer - defines XML data schemas for persisting data to the database
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Distributed Event System

Toreion’s Distributed Event System allows multi-client subscriptions to event server events. Events are broadcasted [distributed] to one or many subscribed clients using standard HTTP networks and XML protocols.

  • Event Manager - manages published events within event queues and queue listeners that are registered on a queue. The Event Manager synchronizes event messages between the Event Listener and the Event Publisher. The Event delegate notifies registered event listeners for a particular queue that an event has occurred.
  • Workflow Trace - The workflow trace graphically represents workflow execution events that are triggered through the run-time execution of a Toreion workflow. Workflow trace is an excellent tool for monitoring applications and for troubleshooting exceptions in a workflow
  • Dashboards - receive real-time events from the Event System that are displayed in Activity Dashboards. Dashboards can be used to display real-time activity across all Toreion systems. These can include: performance monitoring, daily sales activity or other executive matrices.
  • Audit - As each Toreion workflow executes the system logs published events that can be used for compliance purposes and user activity audit reporting

Workflow Server

  • Workflow Execution Engine runs the application - made up of interlinked workflow modules. At run-time, the Engine interprets the declarative XML instruction sets and manages the user state with the program.

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